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Yearly Archives: 2021

Protecting the Covid-19 Heroes and Is Help on the Way?

By Judith El Masri |

First responders and health care professionals are at greatest risk of exposure to Covid-19, yet their daily job responsibilities are a crucial component of keeping the rest of the population healthy and virus free.  Clearly without healthy first responders; police officers, EMT’s, firemen, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and the support staff, the rest of… Read More »

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Overcoming Outdated Deed Restrictions

By Carl R. Allred |

Whether you are a municipality, a homeowner’s association (HOA), or a property owner, you have most likely experienced some level of frustration due to outdated deed restrictions that no longer conform to the character of the neighborhood they seek to benefit. For a municipality or an HOA, that frustration could come in the form… Read More »

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Warnings Great and Small, Who Standardizes Them All?

By Byron L. Brown |

My daughter, who has recently reached the “bazillion questions” stage of toddlerhood, is currently obsessed with warning signs. I cannot seem to go anywhere without her spotting some sign or decal with a picture inside of a bold, red triangle or inside of a circle with a slash through it and asking what it… Read More »

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