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Category Archives: Business Law

Texas Legislature Enacts Sexual Harassment Policies: Time for Change

By Judith El Masri |

This year, prior to the very recent barrage of local and national media coverage regarding reports of sexual assault and harassment, Texas lawmakers created policies empowering sexual assault victims and witnesses of such behavior at institutions of higher learning. During the 85th legislative session several laws were passed with the intent and design to… Read More »

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Legalities and Practicalities: Recognizing the Difference in TV Dramas and Real Life

By Drew Shirley |

My lovely wife, despite being several years younger than I, has television viewing habits that one might normally associate with, shall we say, a slightly older demographic. Or, to put it another way, she likes Murder, She Wrote and Matlock. I find this hilarious for a couple of reasons. First, my wife watches these… Read More »

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The Art of Boring Legal Writing

By Timothy Kirwin |

I recently read an article about artificial intelligence (AI) computers drafting legal documents, mostly boilerplate language in contracts, but the use of AI in the legal field is rapidly expanding with it being able to gather data and analyze verdict decisions, for example. Computers are reviewing and analyzing law, predicting outcomes, and performing drafting… Read More »

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